Paragon Total Defrag

Paragon Total Defrag 2010

Paragon Total Defrag is an advanced hard drive defragmentation utility

Paragon Total Defrag is one of the most advanced hard drive defragmentation utilities available. This new and powerful application is capable to provide the best possible disk performance and effectiveness, providing the user with faster booting times and fast access to files through the entire system.

The program basis are its original technologies. Paragon Total Defrag brings complete and exhaustive defragmentation and disk optimization to your system. Users are able to choose the most frequently used OS files and data. This will result in even faster boot times and overall system performance improvement.

Total Defrag main features:

- Disk access monopoly mode: It uses its access monopoly in order to prevent the system from trying to move already defragmented blocks.

- System core components optimization - Using the same access monopoly mode, Paragon Total Defrag acquires access to all major system components of system files, registry, page file, etc.

This utility runs in all modern operating systems (Windows 2000 / XP / Vista) and FAT32/NTFS file systems. It can run on startup, from the special bootable CD. In this way, by defragging your hard drive from a boot CD, operating system influence over the defragmentation process will be excluded, not only that, this feature, will also allow Total Defrag to perform defragmentation on hard drives which are almost full.

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